Penal Law

  • crimes against persons and property
  • corporate, financial and tax offences
  • offences against the Public Administration
  • offences against the environment and territory
  • press offences
  • offences relating to accidents at work and professional negligence
  • offences against the family and vulnerable persons
  • computer crimes
  • administrative criminal advice to legal persons (Legislative Decree 231/2001)

Real estate and construction law

  • buying and selling
  • civil and commercial leases
  • condominium
  • contracts
  • real estate promotion
  • construction-liability litigation
  • banking and insurance litigation

Civil and Commercial Law

  • civil and contractual liability
  • commercial litigation
  • debt collection
  • bankruptcy law and insolvency procedures
  • banking and credit law
  • private international law
  • corporate law
  • distribution law (commercial agents etc.)
  • Enforcement Law
  • Consumer Law

Labour Law

  • Due diligence on all aspects of labour law
  • Individual and collective dismissals
  • Drafting of individual employment contracts
  • Drafting of company regulations and policies of various kinds
  • Assistance in individual and collective employee transfers, job changes
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Work safety and accident prevention
  • Managerial responsibility
  • Discrimination and harassment at work